Welcome to Task Force 159

A CasTac Unit for ArmA III

Our Organisation

Task Force 159 takes pride in providing a community where all members are heard. Our experienced staff create, provide & support all internal and external community entities, and activities.

Our structured milsim leadership provide everything from internal documentation and training, to front line support and community level management and engagement. This is to be taken note of; Our unit is a mature unit, with some content intended for 18+ audiences. Our members do also have several commitments outside of our unit, such as family lives, full or part time studies and full-time careers.

Community Engagement & Leadership

Learn, nurture and develop life long leadership skills by working with professionals and veteran members of Task Force 159. We do provide a junior officer training program for anyone who shows the heart and the aptitude to join our esteemed ranks.

All members of Task Force 159 also work together to provide a a continued single vision for all members to work towards. This allows us to concrete on our goals as one, and further our vision for the future.


Task Force 159 ensures the highest quality in both specialist and basic training courses.Each new recruit will undertake a basic training course to ensure both the Task Force Trainers and Staff, but more importantly, the trainee has had enough time and experience to ensure he or she is capable on the battlefield.

Additional, more detailed  training for all members is available, once they have passed our basic training courses. These courses include: Dedicated LRPS & Marksman Training Dedicated Medical Training Dedicated Explosive Technician Dedicated Pilot (Transport/CAS)

Task Force 159 Sections

We at Task Force 159 pride ourselves on being a multi-faceted unit, With many different areas for progression for all our members to take part in. Please find our section details below, with more informaion for budding recruits and members to decide which area they would like to progress into.

Ares (High Command)


Cerberus (IFV/ICV)


Hades (Core Infantry)


Odin (Specialised Operations)


Titan (Air Force & Logistics)


Vulcan (Heavy Weapons & Artillery)


Our Strategic Leadership Team

Our staff work tirelessly to provide the best platform we can provide for all members to continually enjoy both the content we provide, and also to ensure all of our members voices are heard. 
Please find the details of our staff members below:

CPT Foster 

Odin Commander
Training Developer
Community Manager

2LT Sonne

Vulcan Commander
Training Instructor Community Manager


Training Instructor Community Manager

SSG Fastkill

Server Admin
Training Instructor Community Manager

SSG Hitman

Server Admin
Training Instructor
Community Manager

CPL Housten

Ares Commander
Web Developer 
Community Manager