Task Force 159 - CasTac Unit for ArmA III

Task Force 159 continually shows off it’s skills in the forms of recorded operations, which are used not only for purposes of informing newer players & recruits about what we do, They are also used for us to improve our skills, watch back our operations so we can point out any flaws, and learn from them.

Task Force 159 welcomes any member who wishes to provide media content to be used not only for exposure, but also to be used for critique and operational awareness training.

We also welcome any members, who wish to utilize services such as Twitch, YouTube Live Events, or any other streaming platform, to ensure the continued exposure of Task Force 159. We are a unit who wishes to put our name out there, associate with other units if the situation demands, and also to provide back to any communities or people who enjoy the content we are continually working on to ensure the best possible experience for Task Force 159 members and members of the public alike.

Additionally, Please find below some of our internal artwork and member created photographs representing Task Force 159. This is inclusive of content which has been taken during Operations, but also content that has been created by our members during periods of downtime.

Please find below the YouTube Channel of one of our staff members. Here you will be able to find video’s of our prior operations;

Task Force 159 YouTube ChannelĀ 

SGT Hitman’s YouTube Channel

Also please find below the Twitch Channels of our members. These both hold recording and live-streams of ongoing operations/campaigns, and it also hosts additional content such as Mid Weekly Un-Official Operations, and random game time between members:

LCP Jonny Twitch Channel

SGT Wardog’s Twitch Channel

If you like what you see from our recorded operations and wish to find out any more information, Please head over to our Training & Recruitment Pages and you will find our dedicated training courses which we provide for all members, and you will also find links to our recruitment forms, links for our Teamspeak & Steam Group. And finally the contact information for all our staff members.