Sections & Branch Roles

Task Force 159 - CasTac Unit for ArmA III

Task Force 159 as a whole, has various different branches such as:

 Ares РHigh Command

Ares is a group of veteran Staff at Task Force 159. They provide the entire organisational structure and ensure branch co-ordination across the entire unit.They will also provide continual operational updates, acting as a ground units first port of call for support.

Cerberus- Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Cerberus is Task Force 159’s Main Infantry Movement arm, who are able to provide excellent combat movement functionality to all sections within Task Force 159. Be that moving a Odin Special Operations Force to a staging area, or working with our Hades Infantry Platoon to move a large number of our forces to a particular conflict zone.

Hades – Infantry Platoon

Hades, is our main Infantry Platoon. They work as the core of our forces. All new recruits will start their Task Force life here. They are always the first ones in, and the last ones out. Hades pride themselves on their work and are never finished until the job is complete.

Odin – Special Operations

Odin is a battle hardened sub-unit of Task Force 159. Staffed and manned entirely by the best of our unit. They will undertake operations deemed either too dangerous by Ares, or operations that require a special touch.

Titan – Logistics & Support

Titan, as the logistics and support arm of Task Force 159, Titan prides itself on running a well oiled machine, catering to every need of the Task Force, be that repairing helicopters after a incident, or providing fire support from an Apache.

Vulcan – Support & Artillery

Vulcan is Task Force 159’s main support & artillery element. Their main tasking consist of providing fire support and other heavy weapons support to other Task Force 159 entities within the field, such as Mortar Support, Anti-Tank/Anti-Armour weapon support, or other portable crew-served weapon systems